"Discover how to use more of your mind, develop your ESP, remote viewing & remote influencing skills in 2 days - Guaranteed!"

"Unlock Your Mind's Extraordinary Potential with Silva Ultramind ESP"

"Intuition is a natural function - everybody has it. The key is learning how to use it accurately and reliably. Join this course and you will."
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Welcome to the realm of limitless possibilities, where the power of your mind knows no bounds. Silva Ultramind ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) is a transformative program that opens the doors to your untapped mental potential, enabling you to navigate life with clarity, intuition, and remarkable insight.

In this program you will learn how to...

• Bring solutions from the spiritual to physical dimension
• Qualify for help from higher intelligence
• Solve problems while you sleep
• Enhance your awareness of your surrounding
• Use mental projections to correct problems
• Use guidance that comes from coincidence
• Create abundance & prosperity - the Silva way
• Send mind to mind messages to improve relationships
• Reach your center in minutes
• Function from your center with your eyes open
• Use proven success programming techniques
• Discover the true purpose of your life
• Correctly apply metaphysical laws of success programming
• Correctly apply principles of successful programming

Why join this seminar to develop your ESP abilities?

This seminar is based on over 50 years of Jose Silva's research and represents culmination of his life's work. The processes used to program your brain and exercises you learn have been successfully used by over a million people.
When you have the GENUINE best available, wouldn't it be foolish to waste your time and money on any poor copy.
Remember, properly developed ESP abilities empower you to...
• Use your God given intuition accurately and reliably.
• Boost your career and attract money like a magnet
• Program your mind and higher intelligence to manifest it for you.
• Connect with higher intelligence who will always guide you in the right direction.
• Prosper in business by making better decisions.
• Concentrate with total focus and clarity.
• Eliminate bad habits forever
• Find lasting inner peace and much more...

What if you develop ESP skills?

Well, what if you have the ability to ...

• Make better decisions ( for health, relationships & business).
• Receive guidance from higher intelligence.
• Create “good vibes” with anyone you meet.
• Build more fulfilling and meaningful relationships.
• Get healthier and stay healthier longer.
• Establish instant rapport with anyone you meet.
• Relieve stress and relax more easily.
• Influence people from a distance.
• Live your life with a purpose & mission.
• Feel the intuitive surroundings.
• Generate creative insights.
• Use clairvoyance.
• Use psychometry to gather information.

Who Can Benefit:

Silva Ultramind ESP is for individuals seeking personal growth, self-discovery, and a profound connection with their inner selves. It's for those who wish to excel in their careers, enhance their relationships, and achieve a balanced, harmonious life.

Program Overview:

Silva Ultramind ESP is not just a program; it's a journey into the depths of your consciousness. With our expert guidance, you'll discover how to harness the hidden capabilities of your mind:

  • Heightened Intuition: Develop a deep sense of intuition that guides you in making sound decisions and navigating life's complexities.

  • Enhanced Perception: Sharpen your perception, enabling you to see beyond the obvious and make informed choices with unwavering clarity.

  • Creative Visualization: Unlock the art of creative visualization, using your mind's eye to manifest your desires and aspirations.

  • Stress Reduction: Learn techniques to manage stress, promote relaxation, and achieve a state of inner calm.

  • Mind Control: Master the power of your mind, overcoming limiting beliefs, and achieving personal and professional goals with precision.

Benefits of Silva Ultramind ESP:

  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Trust your intuition and make decisions with confidence.

  • Improved Relationships: Deepen your connections with others through heightened understanding and empathy.

  • Stress Reduction: Discover relaxation techniques that promote overall well-being.

  • Goal Achievement: Set and achieve your personal and professional goals with clarity and focus.

  • Life Transformation: Unlock your mind's potential for personal growth, healing, and profound transformation.

Silva Ultramind ESP is not just a program; it's a life-altering experience. Join us on this remarkable journey into the realms of your mind and discover the extraordinary potential that lies within. Unleash your intuition, enhance your perception, and rewrite the story of your life with Silva Ultramind ESP.

Can I Buy VIDEO Course?

Yes, you read it right. Real LIVE CLASSES are recorded as they happen, and if you want to do the course in your flexible time, then here is your chance to have it in videos available for you. We don't just sell you the videos; they are so comprehensive that you get to learn with us throughout your journey with my help via various mediums of contact. After you have watched videos, you get time to discuss your learning with me. Isn't this great and as good as being in live class. Moreover it is on a 25% discount.

Duration & Medium

It is a 16+ hours of training if it is a live event however making use of technology and global village today it is also conducted online and is spread over 2 months. Once a week class and assignments to develop you into a thinker. All classes are conducted via ZOOM. Recordings are available to all students for future reference.


This course is conducted normally once a year in June. However special batches can be conducted based on interest.

Your Mentor/Facilitator

Mind Engineer

Muhammad Ali

NLP Trainer, Body Language Master Trainer, Silva Ultramind ESP Trainer, Mental Performance Coach, Sports Psychologist, Visual/Digital Addiction Coach & Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Level 2 Cricket Coach, Career Coach, Sports Mind/Wellness/Performance/Psychology Coach, Life Coach, Access Conscious, Bars Practitioner, Human Lie Detection Expert, Leadership, Communication, Self-Awareness, Sales, Team Building, Happiness, Developmental & Corporate Trainer

NLP Trainer, Body Language Master Trainer, Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor, Wellness/Performance/Visual Addiction, Sports Mind Coach


A video is better than words and pictures. This is what our students say about the course. All intelligent people take action will you?

Although prices shown are in USD, you can always contact us for PKR Equivalent as well as special offers from time to time.

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