Corporate Trainings & Services

Whether you are an individual or corporate or a hi-performance sports team we are Elevating Minds, Transforming Lives, and Enhancing Performance: Your Path to Empowerment. From consulting, training, retail and strategy development to implementation and support, our comprehensive services can help your business thrive.

NLP Based Customer Services Excellence

Cultivate customer service excellence through our NLP-based program. Elevate your team's communication skills, build stronger relationships with clients, and deliver outstanding service that sets you apart in today's competitive landscape. Join us and transform your customer interactions into remarkable experiences.

NLP Based Sales Super Star

Tap into your sales superpower with our NLP-based program. Learn to connect with customers on a deeper level, master persuasive communication, and close deals with finesse. Elevate your selling skills, connect effortlessly with customers, and become a sales dynamo. Achieve your sales goals and rise above the competition. Elevate your sales game and exceed targets with the power of NLP.

NLP Based Effective Communication Skills

Master the art of Effective Communication using the proven NLP communication model and understanding the language of the brain with our NLP-based program. Elevate your conversational finesse, build rapport effortlessly, and become a communication virtuoso. Join us and transform your interactions into powerful connections.

Understanding Mind For Charismatic Leaders

Discover the keys to charismatic leadership through our NLP program. Unlock the secrets of charismatic leadership by understanding the mind through a dynamic blend of NLP, Silva, and Body Language techniques. Learn to inspire, influence, and lead with authenticity and impact. Elevate your leadership to new heights with this transformative program. Develop the qualities that inspire and influence others, and lead with authenticity, vision, and impact. Elevate your leadership to new heights with the power of NLP.

Team Building & Motivation

True & Endless, Abundance of Motivation is a TEAM. Fuel team building and motivation with our NLP-based program. Empower your teams to communicate effectively, build trust, and stay motivated even in challenging times. Create a cohesive and high-performing team that drives success. Learn the secrets of success with our transformative course. Master communication, leadership, and motivation to create winning teams and achieve your goals.

Body Language for HR and Managers

Decode the language of success for HR and managers. Harness the subtle power of body language to sharpen your leadership, communication, and people management skills. Enhance communication, leadership, and decision-making skills to foster stronger relationships and effective team management. Body language is the unspoken truth serum during interviews, revealing what words often conceal. As interviewers, it's our window into authenticity and a key tool in identifying the right fit.

For the above and more customized trainings

At MindEngineerAli/NLPMantra/Right Consultancy, we understand that every organization is unique, with its own culture, challenges, and goals. That's why we offer fully customized training solutions to address your specific needs. Our experienced team works closely with you to design a tailored program that aligns with your company's vision, values, and objectives. Whether it's leadership development, team building, or specialized skills training, we ensure that our training programs are a perfect fit for your organization. With our customized approach, we aim to deliver impactful, results-driven solutions that elevate your team's performance and contribute to your overall success. Would you like to fill in the form below or email us on or WhatsApp directly on +92 301 453 9999