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NLP™ has been described as the science of success and achievement simply because NLP™ is a powerful & proven program for making lasting changes in human performance & maximizing capabilities.

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President Society of NLP USA

What will you learn in our NLP™ program?

->Master your emotions and run your own brain
->Easily create instant motivation and confidence
->Develop greater acceptance of your message in all areas of life
->Masterfully use language to your advantage
->Become a more powerful communication
->Develop keen observation skills
->Make your unconscious mind your best friend
->Activate & align your internal resources to achieve success
->Instantly make people like and trust you
->Quickly change unwanted feelings and behaviors
->Release negative emotions quickly
->Hypnotize others
->Overcome limiting behaviors e.g. fears, phobias
and much more

Our NLP Training includes:

Our NLP™ training includes linguistic models that reveal the hidden patterns within communication and how to respond with influence, persuasiveness, eloquence and insight. Here is a brief description of what is covered in this program.

->Opening your senses
->Empowering beliefs (Presuppositions) of NLP™
->Set & achieve goals
->Skills to build strong relationships – the key to influence and persuasion
->Representational Systems
->Sub-modalities – Learn to take control of your brain
->Using language with awareness, elegance and precision
->Anchoring – the power of controlling emotional states
->Strategies – the unconscious processes we use to create all our behavior
->Utilizing Time Based Techniques
->Altered states of consciousness
NLP™ techniques

How can you use NLP™?

You can use NLP in any area of your life you choose. In this program you will learn practical applications of NLP™ in …

->Business (Negotiations, Sales & Marketing)
->Teaching, Education & Learning
->Training & development
->Personal Development

Why join our NLP™ training?

We can say, because our training is the best program but that may not be your reasons you may want to join our NLP™ training because it adds more value to every aspect of your life and enhances your effectiveness in ways that will delightfully surprise you. Because it is fully endorsed by the President of Society of NLP™.

Testimonial by John La Velle President of Society of NLP USA

Can I Buy VIDEO Course?

Yes, you read it right. Real LIVE CLASSES are recorded as they happen, and if you want to do the course in your flexible time, then here is your chance to have it in videos available for you. We don't just sell you the videos; they are so comprehensive that you get to learn with us throughout your journey with my help via various mediums of contact. After you have watched videos, you get time to discuss your learning with me. Isn't this great and as good as being in live class. Moreover it is on a 25% discount.

Duration & Medium

It is a 70+ hours of training if it is a live event however making use of technology and global village today it is also conducted online and is spread over 6 months. Once a week class and assignments to develop you into a thinker. All classes are conducted via ZOOM. Recordings are available to all students for future reference.


This course is conducted normally once a year in April. However special batches can be conducted based on interest.

Your Mentor/Facilitator

Mind Engineer

Muhammad Ali

NLP Trainer, Body Language Master Trainer, Silva Ultramind ESP Trainer, Mental Performance Coach, Sports Psychologist, Visual/Digital Addiction Coach & Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Level 2 Cricket Coach, Career Coach, Sports Mind/Wellness/Performance/Psychology Coach, Life Coach, Access Conscious, Bars Practitioner, Human Lie Detection Expert, Leadership, Communication, Self-Awareness, Sales, Team Building, Happiness, Developmental & Corporate Trainer

NLP Trainer, Body Language Master Trainer, Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor, Wellness/Performance/Visual Addiction, Sports Mind Coach


A video is better than words and pictures. This is what our students say about the course. All intelligent people take action will you?

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